Youssef Abou Hamad (يوسف أبو حمد) is a Lebanese singer, pianist, composer, and songwriter.

Born in 1987, his love for music began when he started playing darbuka at the age of two. Taking piano lessons as of 1993, Youssef pursued his education at the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music. A Member of Chorale Geitawi (Lebanon) and SACEM (France), he co-founded RAND, a sibling musical group in 2013.

An engineer with an MBA, Youssef studied at Grand Lycée Franco-Libanais (Lebanon), Saint Joseph University (Lebanon), ESA Business School (Lebanon), UniLasalle (France), and ESCP Europe (France).

Currently, his portfolio career encompasses music and international development. This official website is solely dedicated to share Youssef’s artistic works. Enjoy the ride!